The Mark of Authenticity

Nowadays, many false products are overflowed in the market and the brand name manufactures loss billion dollars every year. The customer begins to concern about whether the products they bought are genuine and would choose the products with anti-counterfeit packages.

Many anti-counterfeit technologies have been used in these years.

Florescent ink printing, thermo color ink printing, security code etc.

………but since the invention of laser and computer, Hologram is the most popular method to anti-counterfeit.

Why? Because they work:

Holograms cannot copied by reprographic means. Their effects finishing techniques. The skills, technology and investment involved in their design, origination and manufacture ensures that their production is beyond the reach of most would be counterfeiters.

Holograms are also highly versatile. They can be applied cost-effectively to a wide variety of substrates and products as part of conventional printing, packaging and labeling process.

As a result, Holograms are widely used on all manner of security documents including banknotes, passports and ID cards, tickets, cheque payment cards etc. They are also used to protect branded goods from counterfeiting, adulteration, substitution and parallel trading, featuring on many of the world’s leading brands of pharmaceuticals, IT products, automotive components, luxury and consumer goods.


The Make of integrity

The International Hologram Manufacturers Association, a not for profit membership organization, is made up of more than 70 of the world’s leading Hologram companies who actively coorerate to maintain the highest professional, secutity and quality standards in support of their customers.

The IHMA was founded in 1993 to represent and promote the interests of Hologram manufacturets and the Hologram industry worldwide, offering a wide range of services and benefit of members.

One benefits is the authenticity and credibility that IHMA membership confers on its members – all of which are rigorously vetted before joining and adhere to a strict Code of Practice governing stardsards, business ethics, customer service, respect for and protection of customer’s and competitors’ intellectual property.

If you source Holograms to protect your documents or brands, don’t dilute their integrity and leave them and yourself vulnerable to the potentially dubious activities and standards of non-accredited, non-recognized suppliers. Make sure that you protect your investment and your security by using IHMA members only as your chosen suppliers.